What is the purpose of this app?

The purpose of Instagallery app is to add Instagram Gallery to your Shopify store, with product tagging in the images of your posts. It provides FREE customization options to suit every theme.


What is the procedure of getting Access Token of your Instagram account?

In order to display your Instagram photos on your own store, you are required to provide an Instagram Access Token. You may generate your Instagram access token easily through http://instagram.pixelunion.net/ link.


Where can I edit the title of Instagram section like "SHOPPABLE INSTAGRAM POSTS”?

You can edit the title of Instagram section in your Shopify theme. Go to Themes page > Select Edit code option of the theme that you want to edit > Then search 'shoppable_instagram.liquid' in the snippet section. There you can edit the title.


What are the external requirement for this app?

Just have an Instagram Account and insert its Access token in the app to get started.


How can we do Instagram gallery settings as per our theme style?

Instagallery allows you to make your gallery look like a cohesive part of your brand identity. On clicking "Settings" tab you can easily access all the gallery settings.

  • Gallery Display Settings

    Through gallery display settings, you can setup your Instagram section by entering access token key, or switch to another instagram account if you want, and reset your all the changes.

  • Slider Settings

    Through slider settings, you can easily set the look and feel of your slider by changing their color combination and text.

  • Post Settings

    By enabling post setting option, you can auto publish your posts in Instagram gallery on your store.

  • Grid Settings                                                                                                  Through grid settings, you can easily set the look and feel of your  grid by changing the number of images in one particular row etc.


How many posts you can display at a time?

For slider view as well as grid view, there is no limitation for showing posts.


How are pictures ordered in my feed?

Latest first. The most recent pictures posted to Instagram appear at the beginning of your feed. Oldest at the bottom. The same rule applies if you are using multiple accounts and/or hashtags.


What makes Instagallery app better than any other?

  • The easiest and fastest installation you have ever tried! No coding required!
  • The responsive and easy to customise design to suit any Shopify website.
  • Provide most attractive and seamless shopping for your clients.


How do you release updates on the functionality of Instagallery app?

We understand our client stability for Instagallery, that’s why we’ll update the functionality of our app time to time and provide you the notification if an update is available.


Can I try the Instagallery app and delete it without paying anything?

The main aim of our team is to provide one of the best solutions to our clients, that’s why our app is free for every user and you can uninstall it without paying anything.


Do Instagallery provide customer support?

Yes we provide 24/7 free customer support to assist you in set-up/customisation of app any time. Please click on Support menu on top to contact us.


How to increase your visibility on Instagram for merchants to read?

You can go through the the following link Instagram Help